Is Twitter back in the game?

Twitter Lost in the Crowd

Twitter used to be one of the largest, if not top 3 social media and networking platforms. Today, Twitter somewhat seems to be lost in the crowd with more dynamic and video orientated competitors including Facebook, Instagram and the rapidly growing image and multimedia messaging app, Snapchat gaining the majority share of the market. In case you haven't realized this rapidly changing landscape in the realm of social media, below is a chart. 

Rich Media and Content

We all love rich content and media. We love to share them, talk about them, save them. Twitter has just recently announced that they are relaxing their 140-character limit by omitting photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and quote tweets from the character count (About time! They should have done this ages ago... but okay)

What does this mean?

You can express and share more in your tweet with rich media and content, no more having to shorten words till they all took like gibberish because you've decided to add an image or having to pick and choose whether you want to add a link or an image to your tweet!

This makes Twitter a little less restrictive on the media side thus creating huge potential for several parties including news reporters, bloggers, photographers... you name it! - to add rich and engaging media to their tweets. 

My stance on 'Restrictive' Social Media and Networking Sites

What do I mean by 'restrictive' social media and networking sites? I mean social platforms that set limits to the amount of content you can push at once such as Twitter (140-character limit) and Snapchat (10 second images and videos).

I believe restrictive social platforms will thrive in today's day and age because we are always on the go, easily distracted, lazy and we just want to see rich content. Restrictive platforms unleashes the creativity in us, and pushes us to adapt our expressions by compressing our messages and content so that it is easily absorbable to society today.