Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is a small yet beautiful city located in Slovakia. I spent only two days in Bratislava but managed to visit some beautiful attractions. I went to the Bratislava castle. It took me a while to get there as it was a steep walk up a hill although it was definitely worth the walk because once you are at the castle, you get a beautiful view of the city. "It features in the first written reference to the city, which appears in the Annals of Salzburg of 907, in association with a battle between Bavarians and Hungarians. The castle hill was populated as early as the late Stone Age; its first known inhabitants were the Celts, who founded a fortified settlement here called 'Oppidum'. 

Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle

On the walk up to the castle, you can see the UFO bridge. The UFO bridge is a stylish restaurant  at the top of the Novy Most bridge. This restaurant is 85 meters above the ground and 10 meters above that is a bar with a sightseeing deck as well. Because I had very little time in Bratislava, I did not get the chance to go up to the bar.

UFO Bridge

In Bratislava, I also visited the Slavín Monument. It is the only official cemetery for 6,845 Soviet soldiers who died in 1945 during the liberation of Bratislava. It was built in 1960 and two years later it was declared as a national monument. Every 4th of April, a celebration takes place here as a tribute to the fallen soldiers.