5 Reasons SpacePortX Is The Place For Tech Startups

At SpacePortX, not only do we provide a relaxed and friendly co-working space for tech startups and entrepreneurs, but we’re a non-profit dedicated to helping build a community where entrepreneurs, startups and students can come to network, learn and accelerate their ideas. We're working towards making Manchester a top 5 European startup destination a.k.a #MCRTop5 and here’s why you should be a part of the journey:

1. Networking

At SpacePortX, the opportunity to network is right at your door. Instead of having to drag yourself after a long day in the office to a networking event, at SpacePortX, you're in the middle of a networking storm. With more than 50 members from a hugely diverse background and with regular events held almost every evening, SpacePortX makes networking effortless. You're surrounded by like minded people who are looking to help, so networking is easy for everyone. You'll meet new faces everyday and sharing contacts is built into the SpacePortX culture, all you have to do is ask.

SpacePortX Office Space

2. Growth

We take pride in facilitating, supporting and helping the growth process for startups and entrepreneurs. Our newly launched mentoring program, featuring entrepreneurs such as Jamil (Wakelet), Rupert (AXM Venture Capital)Gareth (Burton Beavan) and Emma (Dot-forge), who are available to offer advice on anything from funding, to marketing strategies and everything in between, means that there's always someone at hand to help you overcome any startup hurdles! Startups, alongside loads of amazing tech events, makes SpacePortX the perfect environment to learn, brainstorm and bounce ideas around, to ultimately help your business grow. As a SpacePortX member, you'll become a part of the most well connected tech network in Europe, and we make sure you're able to utilise it to help you go from startup to SME.

3. Atmosphere

If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere you’ve certainly found it. It’s hard to describe the startup buzz that hits you when you walk into the SpacePortX office, but there’s always something exciting happening.As the saying goes, surround yourself with successful, motivated people and the same will happen to you - SpacePortX provides you with the space to do so. As a member, you become a part of the family, and we go above and beyond to make sure that you and your startup are happy and successful. We like to pride ourselves on offering a space that's quiet enough to get work done, but relaxed enough so you can have fun throughout the day. The office is your playground, it's yours to create amazing new tech and to have fun at the same time.

SpacePortX Playground

4. Space

Need a private space for client meetingsSpacePortX offers two meeting rooms, which can give you the privacy you need to get stuff done. Meeting rooms are available free of charge to members and are open to public use too! But that's just the icing on the cake, with a great breakout room and a rooftop garden, the options are limitless for more chilled out conversations. It's easy to see how our members have made SpacePortX home as our quirky office provides a space that you can shape to make your own. The office is open and spacious, so our flex members never have to worry about having a desk, and there’s plenty of tea and coffee to keep you fuelled throughout the day - the essentials for startup life.

5. Culture

We're a community driven co-working space, and that means we put the Manchester tech community at the heart of every decision that we make. We're happy to host a whole bunch of tech meetups in our event space for free and are always looking for other ways to help support the people who make the community amazing. This community drive is infused in our office culture, so that when you join SpacePortX, you really are joining a family. We're here to support, have fun and laugh with our members. Our culture is written on the walls (literally), we like to move fast and break things, live on the edge and break down barriers. 

SpacePortX Motivational Artwork

Sound like something you want to be a part of? Pop in for a brew and we can chat about how we can change the world.