Meet Manit, SpacePortX Newest Intern

Meet Manit, SpaceportX’s newest marketing intern! He’s just completed his second year of his undergraduate degree in Management (Marketing) at the University of Manchester.

What’s your story?

I’ve just completed my second year at university! I can’t believe how fast time has flown. I can still remember enrolling as an international student not knowing much about Manchester, and now I'm here with one year left of my degree, immersed in the world of digital and tech startups at Manchester’s buzzing SpacePortX.

At university, I co-founded a startup called IMPACT, where our mission is to build a community where customers can buy everyday items that will signify their commitment to the causes that they care about. We’ve started off by selling colour-coded iPhone cases, where each colour represents a particular charity that we’ve partnered up with and 50% of the profits we make will be donated back to our partnered charities

Interested? check our website out here or watch my pitch!

I was accepted into the Manchester EntrepreneursAccelerate ME scheme which allowed me to take IMPACTfurther to the next level through the provision of office space, funding and mentoring. By starting up IMPACT, I have been exposed to Manchester’s bustling startup community and attended several networking events which led me here to SpacePortX

You mentioned you were an international student?

Yes, I’m originally from Thailand and decided to attend university in the UK. I chose Manchester because of it’s multi-cultural atmosphere and the fact that the university, and the city, are very much integrated and not isolated. I quickly learned what a good choice I made coming to Manchester because of its exhilarating football atmosphere, vibrant music scene and of course the thrilling tech and startup community.

Why did you want to intern at SpacePortX?

I wanted to intern with SpacePortX the very moment I stepped into the place when I attended Silicon Drinkabout MCR and many other events like Manchester Social Entrepreneurs. I grew fond of the working atmosphere and the vision of making “Manchester a top 5 european start-up destination” (#MCRTop5). SpacePortX allows me to be exposed to like-minded people in the startup sphere and enables me to network and build my connections. 

What will be your role at SpacePortX?

My role at SpacePortX will include handling all the social media channels and devising gripping marketing strategy alongside Vim, writing up blogs and producing content for you to read about, inform you the happenings around the tech scene and keeping you updated about all the events that SpacePortX will be hosting. Sounds like fun right?

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