Hello Wakelet!

Wakelet is an online platform that allows you to save links to articles, images, videos and other great content to curate stunning and shareable collections and we are pleased to announce that SpacePortX is now on Wakelet (Woohoo!)

Wakelet was founded by Manchester tech entrepreneur Jamil Khalil to enable people, businesses and academic institutions to organise their information so it is easier to find and share content. Wakeletorganises links to articles, videos and images into collections called Wakes. We’ve taken advantage of this here at SpacePortX and now if you search us on Wakelet you can easily see information regarding who we areour sponsorsthe events we’re hosting (and hosted)the profiles of all the startups based at SpacePortX and the blog posts we’ve written in a beautiful and responsive canvas.

If you’re a start-up looking to make a good impression to potential investors or to your very own customers why not show off your content using WakeletWakelet can also be used beyond showcasing and curating content. It can be used as a collaborating system as ‘Wakes’ can be set ‘private’ so you can share information and content between you and your co-workers! Wakelet is very simple to use and has a very user friendly interface - so what are you waiting for? set up your profile now at Wakelet’s website!

Since we’re already on the topic of Wakelet, what makes them extra special is that they will be sponsoring SpacePortX’s First Birthday Extravaganza on the Friday 14th of August and you’re invited - Come and join us to celebrate one year of tech awesomeness! Get your tickets here!

We’re also collaborating with Drinkabout MCR to bring the tech startup community together to enjoy an evening of drinks, laughter, and quite possibly dancing! So we hope to see you there :)